About Us

DineGasm was founded with the idea to make nightlife more affordable and at the same time helping our members to meet someone new! We are working to offer members the best deals at exclusive night clubs, bars, lounges, and restaurants throughout South Florida. Our members are encouraged to choose their favorite spot or try a new venue from our list.

Our mission is to provide an upscale service that is consistent and reliable. We want to satisfy our members wish when it comes to enjoying a night out!

Create your Buzzz…

DineGasm works closely with partners in the night life and beverage alcohol industry to design and execute social media marketing campaigns and tasting events which engage consumers, generate critical data about local demand, drive awareness and generate sales.Promote your business to tens of thousands of young influencers, while measuring their engagement across web, mobile, email, and social media channels.

Why DineGasm? That’s What She Said…

Why Not…We cater to all your night life experiences. DineGasm is a loyalty program that caters exclusively to people seeking affordable nightlife around the city. We cultivate a collection of specials at bars, lounges, clubs, and restaurants so incredibly robust, they’ll make you dizzy long before those drinks do. This means that strikingly attractive users (like you) can toast for less bread, and get a head start on those after-dark adventures.


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