DineGasm’s Bottle Mayhem


Win Free Bottles Every Week

That’s right! in conjunction with all our partnered Night Venues is giving away a FREE BOTTLES to one of our members, every single week!

Wee are calling it “Bottle Mayhem” for no other reason than the fact that we will be giving out bottles and VIP tables left and right. All you have to do is enter to win. And to kick start Bottle Mayhem, we have decided to give away THREE free VIP tables with bottle service this March at one of our partnered venues. Like us on Facebook to find out which date!



Here’s how it works. All you have to do is join our weekly guest list for any club for this or ANY Friday or Saturday night. Once you are on the guest list, you will gain complimentary admission that night. On top of that, you will be automatically entered into our Bottle Mayhem Giveaway. You MUST check-in at the club on the guest list on the Friday or Saturday night in which you have signed up for to be eligible to win. The winner will be announced at the door and will be awarded the FREE VIP Table and complimentary bottle (gratuity not included!).

On top of everything the Crew have worked out some killer deals for the people that do show up and don’t win the table. Simply ask a host about the Bottle special for the night to see what kind of crazy deal we have worked on bottle each night. Who knows it could be $25 bottles or it could be $150 bottles only way to find out is ask a host once your inside.

DineGasm Team

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