DineGasm Dolls

We have the pleasure of offering our customers an innovative way to plan a special night.

DineGasm card members get to choose from 100+ DineGasm Dolls to party with at partnered Nightclubs, Bars, Lounges, Restaurants & Pool Parties from Miami to West Palm Beach!

DineGasm would like to offer you the services of our promotion hostesses to ease you into your night and cater to you and your party.

Our hostesses will await your arrival outside and guide you to your table without the hassle of dealing with the bouncer. Our hostesses will tend to your party, serving your drinks and take care of any other matter pertaining to your night.

Each of our hostesses charge $100 for the first hour and $60.00 each additional hour. There is a two hour minimum.

No group of guys should go out into the South Florida nightlife empty-handed. Whether you’re planning a bachelor party, divorce party, birthday, company party, a boys’ night out, or simply dinner & gambling.. DineGasm’s Dolls will party with you and your group all night and make sure everyone is having a blast! Our models are auditioned to ensure they’re fun, outgoing, and super hot.

For as low as $60 hourly have beautiful models hang out with your group enjoying the Miami Beach nightlife and day clubs from the minute you step into the club. The models you hire will be there all night to make sure you have fun & attract other hot girls to come hang out with your group.

Our Atmosphere Models

Our smoking hot atmosphere models will join you at any nightclub table, bar, lounge, and restaurant. They will stay with you and your group, mingle, drink, dance, and make sure everyone is having an amazing time. If you already have plans for the night, let these models make your night memorable!

What is it?

• We handle the booking of VIP table and seek to reserve you the best table based on the number of bottles reserved.

• VIP hosted entry by DineGasm girl(s).

• Guaranteed entry without waiting in line.

• Making sure your glass is always full and entertained.

Who is it for?

• Ballers who don’t want to stand at the bar for a drink

• Jet setters who want the ultimate VIP experience

• Perfect for bachelor parties (chics love guys with tables)

• Big celebrations such as birthdays, divorce party, and corporate events.

How does it work?

• Call us at (305) 367-1908 or emails us at to book your reservation at any night venue and DineGasm Dolls.

• Meet your DineGasm host at venue at designated time.

• Be escorted right in straight to your VIP table.

• Enjoy the night & help spread the word about our company.

* Please keep in mind, our atmosphere models are only available at partnered nightclubs, bars, lounges, restaurants, and pool parties. This is a new concierge service by DineGasm VIP Card and not to be confused with a companionship/escort service. Serious Inquiries only, thank you.

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