Night Life Marketing Services

Finding a professional night life marketing company to help you promote nightclubs, bar, Lounge, or special events can be a challenge. At DineGasm, our team has been in the night life industry for over 12 years, and we understand what it takes to promote, market and get the word out about upcoming events, a new lounge, bar, restaurant, and nightclub that can use the extra business. Our professional marketing experts can help you gain more exposure online via Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, while providing the public with the information they need when trying to find local night venues to go to.

From advertising to detailed directory listings, DineGasm has you covered. Our professional Venue Marketing Services can help you get found online quickly and effectively. DineGasm creates night venue ads with custom profile pages which will allow you to provide detailed information about the event and/or the venue to provide just the right nightclub promotional services.

Our Services:

  • Exclusive Theme Show

    DineGasm has an extensive database of screened promo model staff from which to select a team most suited to your particular event. Our models are some of South Florida’s most attractive ladies provided with detailed training and are fully briefed on your venue prior to work. Hosting your party or throwing a bikini show with style, elegance and poise of a professional model. DineGasm’s Ambassadors understands what it takes to highlight your venue and are committed to turning your event into a sophisticated affair.

  • Photographer Service

    Done by our professional staff – Our team have many years of experience and go the extra mile to capture your complete venue & crowd each night.

  • Videographer Service

    Expert video specialists, Showcase your venue on a weekly basis letting potential customers know how busy,elite, & music popping how your venue really is on Friday & Saturday nights.

  • Venue Staffing Service – FREE

    We pride ourselves on providing “the right people” for your venue. From Hosts & Hostesses, Event, Floor and Bar Managers, Go-go Dancers, Waiters & Waitresses, Shot girls and Experienced Bartenders, right through to the back of House Porters and Drivers, we can provide your venue with a fully experienced staff. Whenever you are in need of staff, simply contact us and we will handle the rest.

  • SEO and Social Media Marketing Services

    DineGasm’s partners help you in creating a weekly buzz about your events, assist in the SEO marketing our your website for Google, and will manage and coordinate 2-3 social network accounts (Facebook, Yelp, & Instagram).

  • VIP Hosting/Club Filler Services

    We fill your venue with the most attractive promotional models in South Florida on any given night. We bring you a little something to spice up your event/party each and every week.

    We also offer:

  • Bikini Girls

  • Pole/Gogo Dancers

  • Body Paint girls

  • Bottle girls

  • Fire Girls

  • Jelly Shot Girls

  • Hostesses

  • And More

  • We offer reasonable rates and beat all competitors in South Florida. For a free quote or more information, please call us at: (305) 367-1908 or

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