This privacy policy is to inform you of the policies and practices regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of any other information you may submit to us now or in the future. This privacy policy also includes your personal information; that may be information such as your first and last/maiden name, e-mail address(es), and other non-public information.

User Consent

By accessing this particular website, you completely agree under your own will and accord to the terms and conditions of this policy. You consent to the processing of personal information accordingly.

The personal information shared with us can be stored and used in other locations where laws regarding processing of personal information and identification may be less stringent. The information shared with us and the personnel of this website will never be disclosed or used for any purpose for which you have not given us consent to do so

Regarding Children

Minors and those of a juvenile nature are not permitted whatsoever to use this website. Our own personal policy is to not collect personal information from those under the age of 12; protecting innocent minors is very high on our policy list. If the occasion should arise that we have accidentally obtained personal information of a minor, let it be known that our policy also requires our team to remove that particular user’s profile from our database. With that being said, you must have proof that in fact you are over the age of 18 and are a consenting adult to use this website we have provided for you.

Collection of Information

Personal Information that You Provide

Generally, our staff collects your information that you must submit on a volunteer basis. We may also collect other information that you submit to us while in the process of creating your new account for our database. Our registration for you includes providing your full name, correct mailing address, and correct e-mail address along with a fool-proof identifying password. At that time of creating a new account, there may be some other information asked of you to further your personal security on the website. In the event that you purchase any item off of our website, we will ask you for a credit/debit card number and expiration date. Finally, to create a more personable experience for you, the user, we may collect social media and networking information as well. That final information will also not be sold or lent to any third party not associated with our company and website.

Personal Information from Other Sources

It is a possibility that we may receive information about you and your personal life from outside sources with which you have registered, companies who our company partnered with, and any other third party. We will certainly add this information with other information we have on file. This information will also not be sold or lent to any other third party source.

E-mail and E-mail Addresses

In regarding your personal e-mail address, we will only collect said specified information and the entire contents of your e-mail account along with other information you may provide to us. Furthermore, we use your personal e-mail address to contact you directly for important notifications and website updates as needed. Finally, we will use the provided personal e-mail address to get in touch with you on behalf of those who are in your specific social circle on our website. You always have the option to stop receiving communications from us.

Information Collected Via Technology

As you use this website we have created for you, certain other personal information may be collected and stored by our staff in our system, etc. We may use cookies (minute pieces of information that a specific website sends to your hard drive while you are viewing a website – our system may use both kinds of cookies available (the second kind of cookies, known as persistent cookies can be removed by following your browsers help indicators) to gather information regarding the specific calendar date of your last visit and actions taken on the website. Certain other information collected is done so to make your future visits more enjoyable and to “tailor” your user experience.

There is a chance that our company will enable advertisers to promote third party products and services by placing ads on our website. These third parties may use cookies as well, in order to monitor information related to advertisements previously placed. If the advertisement are purposely clicked, like any other banner on the World Wide Web, you will be redirected to that specific advertisement immediately.

Use and Disclosure of Information

Our website and staff does not, under any circumstances, sell, trade, or lend your personal information to any other third party, without direct consent from you, the valued user and customer.

Generally, your information is used by our team to provide you access to all the website and company has to offer, to improve the website and company overall, as well as to offer you, the valued user and customer additional information, and opportunities. Your personal information provided to us will be shared with those who are involved with the overall website’s social network.

We insist that we provide your information given to us to third party providers who work on behalf of our company and our professional staff to provide other services and features of this website to further help us communicate with you, the valued user and customer.

Furthermore, we will eventually create anonymous informational records from your provided information by excluding information that would otherwise make the anonymous information personally identifiable to you. We value your use and support of our website and would not aggravate our relationship with you in any way.

We will eventually share your provided information with our websites affiliated companies that are under a common control, in which case if needed, we will absolutely require those companies to honor this policy.

If we, DineGasm, Inc. go through a business transaction such as acquisition by another company, or sale of all or a particular portion of our assets, your provided information may be among those assets transferred. You, the valued user and customer, acknowledge that required transfers will occur and are permitted by this policy, and that we or any other acquirer will be able to continue to process you provided information as stated in this policy.

Our company, DineGasm, Inc., will disclose your provided information if our staff and those who work for us believe that disclosure is necessary for the following reasons: 1) To comply with relevant laws or to respond to subpoenas or warrants served on us, 2) To protect and defend our rights or property, you, or third parties. You hereby consent us to share your personal information under the circumstances described in this policy. (Note: there wasn’t much I could do with this, as I am not a lawyer.)

The Ability of Others to View Your Information

We strongly believe in the fact to protect your provided personal information at any given moment and beyond. However, it is up to you, the valued user and customer, to make sure you are completely comfortable with the personal information you choose to provide, that eventually ends up on the World Wide Web for all to see. You, the valued user and customer, must strongly understand that when using this website, certain information you post in your social media circle and beyond, will most likely be shared with others and will be posted on publicly available sections of this website. This website, staff, and all those associated with DineGasm, Inc. holds no obligation to anything you may or may not post on the internet. Please use caution when posting personal information on the World Wide Web.

Third Party Sites and Advertising

This website DineGasm, Inc. may, from time to time, provide links to other websites associated with ours. Be forewarned that we, our staff, and all those affiliated with said company are in no way responsible for the private practices or the content provided, of other third party websites on the World Wide Web. We strongly encourage our users to read the privacy statement of each website visited on a daily basis. The provided policy applies to any and all information collected by us and does not apply to any third party website whatsoever.

Your Choices Regarding Your Personal Information

Being all about you, the valued used and customer, we offer options regarding collecting, sharing, and using your provided information. You have the right to stop us and our staff from contacting you for marketing-related purposes at any given time, should you feel the need. If a promotional communication is received from us, please indicate a preference to stop the receipt of further promotional communications from us if you so choose. Or, in any other case, please contact us directly and communication will cease to continue.

Even if you opt out of our generated e-mail marketing preferences, we will still most likely contact you about administrative e-mails. These may include important updates to your account and the companys policy.

At any given moment, and because we would very much like you to feel the utmost comfort working with us, you may request a copy of the provided information we hold about you and what is on record. In any case, we truly want to make sure that your provided information is accurate.


If any feedback is sent to us by you, we will use it for other purposes, provided we do not associate such feedback with your provided information. We will collect any information contained in such feedback and will treat the provided information in it in accordance with this provided policy. Please take note that you must agree that any commentary and any other such correspondence from you becomes the property of said company and staff.


It is our utmost concern that your provided information be kept secure at all costs. This company uses many industry-standard technologies and procedures to help protect your provided information from unauthorized access and unauthorized disclosure or attack by any other third party. For more information on security measures, please read the commentary above about safety on the World Wide Web.

Contact and Revisions

If you have questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us

Please note this provided policy is occasionally subjected to any revision under our team’s discretion. An alert will be posted on our homepage is any such measures go into effect immediately.

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