Mercy Prevents Hangovers!

You may have seen it the last time you went out clubbing or bar hopping; the sleek little cans of Mercy have slowly been making their way into the nooks and crannies of Miami’s night scene since May 2011. According to Mercy’s makers, it’s a beverage that supposedly helps prevent hangovers. For every four alcoholic drinks, one 8.4 ounce can of Mercy is said to counter the after-effects.

How is it supposed to work? It’s a nifty blend of amino acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins (most importantly, B1). When they work together, the power recipe helps the body replenish key nutrients and kicks the body’s defenses into gear, allowing the chances of hangover symptoms like headaches and nausea to lessen.

Does it really work? Well, we have our doubts. Truth be told, Mercy is entering a world of other anti-hangover drinks out there that have the skeptics swarming, like NOHO and OKF Alcohol Doctor. We’ll leave the experimentations up to you. At 60 calories a can and caffeine-free, the citrus flavored beverage can be found at lounges, hotels, and clubs around Miami. You can drink it before you go to sleep or include it in your drinks.



Eden Restaurant (210 23rd Street, Miami Beach)

Haven Restaurant & Lounge (1237 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach)

Jeronimos Bar (814 1st St, Miami Beach)

Segafredo Restaurant and Cafe (1040 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach)

Sunset Lounge and Asia de Cuba Restaurant (In Mondrian Hotel, 1100 West Avenue, Miami Beach)

Vita-Baoli Restaurant & Lounge (1906 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach)

Wall Nightclub at W Hotel (2201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach)

Wonderland (7778 Biscayne Blvd, Miami)


Bacchus Liquor (1445 Alton Rd, Miami Beach)

Gulf Liquor (1681 Alton Rd, Miami Beach)

Guy and Girl shop at Shelborne Hotel (1801 Collins Ave, Miami Beach)

I Love Liquor (1632 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach)


Mondrian Hotel (1100 West Avenue, Miami Beach)

Setai Hotel, in its bar and restaurant (2100 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach)

The New Hotel (7337 Harding Avenue, Miami Beach)

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Mercy will not prevent drunk-dialing or texting.

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